Slouchy Me

Slouch attack! Feeling like dress down mood, you can try layering your t-shirt with jacket and boyfriend’s jeans. It will be an alternative style when you’re in hurry and have no time to dress up, voila! you’re ready in just 10 minutes! Great for a casual Friday working versatile. Have fun pairing it up with any shoes you like, towering up with heels, super high wedges, boots, and flats. :)


all pictures are taken from NORMI


Editor’s Choice – Match Your Style

Okay now ladies. Its time to meet your very own personal taste with one of Normi’s editor choice. Pick one of your favorite look! :)

1. Work in style with animal prints, red blazer and a nude pump to tone down the on going prints and color that’s happening on the top.

2. Red is always be a versatile color to every kind of wardrobe. Pair your red shoes with any top like white and black or any color you wish to wear. The color will add up a chic mood that will caught everyone’s eyes.

3. After a crazy tone up prints and color, lets move to a bit pale pantone. Pastel pink is always be an adorable sweet heart color to choose. The fresh hue will make your look warm and cute at the same time. Pair it with the same hue shoes to create a monochromatic chic.


all pictures are taken from NORMI


International Women’s Day!

To all women in the world! Celebrate special day with retail therapy and select your favorite head to toes clothing only at Normi!

check out the special collections for all special women. Get yourself a special treat to indulge yourself in a beautiful wardrobe. Happy International Women’s Day!


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When in Doubt, Just Wear RED!

As like the quotes saying, “when in doubt, wear red”. Days of doubtful thinking wardrobe will be soon come to an end. Red is kind of a perfect hue to complete your versatile looks from day to night – from works to parties. Dress to Kill!

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all pictures are taken from NORMI.