Slouchy Me

Slouch attack! Feeling like dress down mood, you can try layering your t-shirt with jacket and boyfriend’s jeans. It will be an alternative style when you’re in hurry and have no time to dress up, voila! you’re ready in just 10 minutes! Great for a casual Friday working versatile. Have fun pairing it up with any shoes you like, towering up with heels, super high wedges, boots, and flats. :)


all pictures are taken from NORMI


Editor’s Choice – Match Your Style

Okay now ladies. Its time to meet your very own personal taste with one of Normi’s editor choice. Pick one of your favorite look! :)

1. Work in style with animal prints, red blazer and a nude pump to tone down the on going prints and color that’s happening on the top.

2. Red is always be a versatile color to every kind of wardrobe. Pair your red shoes with any top like white and black or any color you wish to wear. The color will add up a chic mood that will caught everyone’s eyes.

3. After a crazy tone up prints and color, lets move to a bit pale pantone. Pastel pink is always be an adorable sweet heart color to choose. The fresh hue will make your look warm and cute at the same time. Pair it with the same hue shoes to create a monochromatic chic.


all pictures are taken from NORMI


International Women’s Day!

To all women in the world! Celebrate special day with retail therapy and select your favorite head to toes clothing only at Normi!

check out the special collections for all special women. Get yourself a special treat to indulge yourself in a beautiful wardrobe. Happy International Women’s Day!


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When in Doubt, Just Wear RED!

As like the quotes saying, “when in doubt, wear red”. Days of doubtful thinking wardrobe will be soon come to an end. Red is kind of a perfect hue to complete your versatile looks from day to night – from works to parties. Dress to Kill!

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all pictures are taken from NORMI.


Sexy and Elegant with Peplum Style


One of the most outstanding fashion item this year is Peplum style. The style is the favorite of many Hollywood celebrities, such as actress Emma Stone, Charlize Teron, Blake Lively and our lovely diva, Rihanna. These ladies look elegant, sexy and chic wearing the peplum style. This style suitable both for formal and informal occasions.  Have a curvy or slim body? Peplum style won’t be a problem for  you, ladies since the style fits for any body shape.


Peplum style was popular in the 80’s. It became European women’s favorite when it was widely worn by the English nobles. The peplum style fever spread widely because ladies at that time loved the curved shape. Indeed, a noble woman will look more elegant when she wears peplum style. Especially when the peplum dress is matched with a pearl necklace or a British Royal style hat, as worn by Kate Middleton in the photo above.

But whatever your body shape is, it will not be a problem for you to wear a peplum dress. If you are slim, stacked style will make your waist curvier. And for you, curvy ladies, this stacked accent will further accentuate your sex appeal. You will look more sexy…

Charlize Teron and Emma Stone look so sexy with peplum dress

Skinny girl Blake Lively looks curvier with peplum dress


Check out how Rihanna and Hollywood babes love their peplum dress…

Rihanna and Lily Allen look fabulous with their peplum dress

Sexy looks of Diane Kruger with her tube peplum dress


AnnaSophia Robb with her glowing peplum dress

 Even Victoria Beckham likes this dress!!

Nowadays, Peplum style  is not only as a dress , but also available as tops and skirts. It can be worn for formal occasion, such as party. Or for informal occasion such as going on a date at the cinema. With the right make up and accesories, your peplum style will make you look elegant and stunning.

NORMI’s peplum top

NORMI’s peplum top

NORMI’s peplum skirt

NORMI’s peplum dress

NORMI’s peplum dress


Put a big brooch on your peplum dress and a strings of pearls as accessories. These accecories will make you look classy. If you want to dress like an English Noblewoman, put a small net hat on your hair. Don’t forget to carry a clucth and choose the right shoes,  such as a pair of platform high heels. With this looks, you must ready to be the center of attention…!!


See how Indonesian celebrities wear their peplum dress…


We Like It : Vivid Color Bags #1

above: Beyonce with her cute shape colorblock bag.

Hi there color lovers! One thing that adds the cheerful vibes of look is a vivid color bag. Deeply and madly in love with the shades of rainbow this season fave item from rainbow cake to multicolor bag. It creates such a happy mood that doesn’t make you look dull.

above: Jessica Alba with her fave burnt-orange postman bag. Classy!

Just because the weather don’t seems so friendly here, it doesn’t mean you have to dress in shades of grey. Quite the opposite, actually! As the landscape turns to beautiful hues, it’s the right time to show your own wardrobes colors too. We love vivid, highly-saturated shades best – think cobalt, burnt orange, or deep purple. What’s great about this trend is that you can either choose to let your bag shine with a neutral outfit or decide to go all-out, and opt for clashing colors!

- LouLou Magazine -

check out Normi vivid color bag! Totally love it!

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sources: all pictures are taken from NORMi, various blogs, websites and tumblr.


Magical Friday

The Funniest things about Friday is that its always be a good mood day for me. The breeze of weekend starts to swipe over my packed minds. OK, for the weekend I’m planing on chilling out with friends and spending my time a lot more on my family since my dad was here!

Here’s Idea of relax and slouchy outfits for my weekend by NORMI:

A fresh lovely shades of olive green and white shorts with touch of pop up color pumps. Great way to starts your Saturday!

Lace and Cropped pants, what a perfect combinations! Can’t wait to wear them tonight..

happy weekend Ladies! ;)


sources: all pictures are taken from NORMI , various blogs, websites and tumblr.



Colorful Pencil Skirt


above: Kim Kardashian real pop up color with blue pencil skirt and yellow  top. Say hi to all pencil skirts lover! The iconic skirt has been favorite fashion must have items. Yes, you can wear them day to night, all fit in just right to the occasions. Pencil skirts emphasize your hips and curves, balance them with a printed top, ruffles blouse or even bright color Tees to keep eyes away from your hips and draw attention upward. Have fun playing with colors, Ladies! ;)

below: NORMI Classic Cotton Pencil Skirt Take a playful approach to this seasons penchant for pencil skirts. In a fun aqua blue color, this figure-skimming cotton piece will add punch to your weekend wardrobe. Temper the solid palette with a classic black top.



sources: all pictures are taken from NORMI, various blogs, websites and tumblr


Hot Weather = Hot Pants

above: Rihanna, Selena Gomez and Gwen Stefani sexy in hot pants!

TGIF! Its real time for you to relax and give yourself a break from the stress routines. Good time for you to wear casual outfits like Tees, Blouse and oversize shirts teamed up with hot pants. Happy Weekend! ;)

above: Victoria Beckham edgy in hot pants, casual comfy ;)

below: Normi Poplin Blouse olive green match up with sexy hot pants, super sexy!This poplin blouse was inspired by vintage aesthetic. The pretty olive pallete piece is subtle, retro sensibility by way of bell sleeves and an elegant boat neck. This style will really take on a vintage feel when teamed with high-waisted bright colors hot pants and a pair of shocking pink pumps.


source: pictures are taken from NORMI, various blogs, websites and tumblr.