Multi Tiered Chiffon Blouse

The romantic feeling of spring is in the air. I always thought that pastel colors goes with a little touch of feminine layered chiffon will create a sweet and cute yet chic looks.

above: Rihanna in pastel yellow multi tiered chiffon gown, super sweet!

The Fashion Comes Back: The detail cutting of layered effects became dominant in 60s fashion with tiered skirts and tunic tops. Designers would often use multiple layers of fabric such as chiffon to style a dress or skirt. Clothes worn during the day were often simple yet colorful. Sleeveless dresses became fashionable and were often coupled with jackets or coats in a collection.

above: NORMI Multi tiered silk chiffon blouse

Multi tiered cut from sheer silk-georgette with a softly draped neckline, NORMI’s pink top is classically chic with a modern twist. Team this elegantly layered style with a cerise skirt and metallic clutch for a contemporary cocktail look with flair.


sources: all pictures are taken from various blogs, websites and tumblr.



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