Pencil Skirt On Monday Blue Town

This may be some idea for you out there who might really get bored by the formal work day of Monday! *sigh*.. Honestly I get really confused when I had to get dress to work on that day. One thing to boost me up is a good outfit and of course a nice cup of morningĀ  coffee really made my day so far..

Talking about that, the simplest form and classical outfits that you can wear in your hardest day of the week *that’s what I thought* is a pencil skirt dress, Yes! it shows your body curve perfectly. To pop up your waist, you can accessorize with a bright color belt.

Before we into Monday blues, lets cheer up a lil’bit coz its weekend now, babe! Wish you all a happy weekend.. Enjoy! xoxo

:) ;)

NORMI come to the rescue of pencil skirt dress :) check it out!


sources: all pictures are taken from NORMI, various websites , blogs, and tumblr.





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