Peplum Dresses

This cocktail dress always gives you a sexy silhouette of a perfect hourglass body. Peplum type dress that was primarily associated with two decades, the dramatic forties and the eighties. At that time, women wore peplum-appended coats and dresses as a way to draw attention to a tiny waist and hourglass figure—without being overtly erotic.

The range of choices available means that you’re sure to find something that works with both your body and your budget. Indeed a peplum cocktail dress is the perfect way to add a little pizzazz to your routine fancy fare!

above: Lady Gaga look amazingly stunning with the simple cut peplum dress.

above: peplum dresses in fashion runaway shows.

below: You can get this fab look by Normi


sources: all pictures are taken from NORMI, websites, blogs, tumblr.



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