Plaid or Checkered, Whatever.. I Like It Both!






This week, I’ve been confused about the outfit I chose. You know, that kind of feelings when you don’t know what to wear *hate it* :( uuhh…

So I began to rearranged my closet which I’ve found an old vintage plaid shirt that belonged to my brother. Then I thought, hey.. why not mixing the shirt with a pair of washout jeans just to add the old school tone look.Oh i love the square motifs so much, it drives me crazy. I hope u like it as much as i do too.. :) )

And Hey! I’ve found a great article about plaid shirts for you to check out. Here we Go..

“The plaid shirts are now coming back in fashion. Now days, the plaids are no more a symbol of a school uniform. Plaids can give you a style statement of your own, if worn in the right way. These shirts are very comfortable and versatile to wear and fit perfectly with different body shapes. They are available in a variety of colors like red, blue, green or yellow. But the neutral and simpler shades should be the safest choice for your wardrobe as they can be used for a long time.This type shirt always looks stylish, whether it is fitted or loose or tucked into your denim jeans or belted around your waist. But try to pick up a slim fit shirt for the perfect look. It should not be bagged off your waist. But there is no hard and fast rule regarding fitting of the clothing. You should dress up in the way you exactly want to look into. For instance, if you want a neat and tailored look, you should prefer a fitted plaid shirt with denim jeans. But if you want a casual look, then choose a long and little loose fit plaid shirt instead of having a short one. So just include some pieces of these shirts in your closet and be in fashion.”

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Nice, Easy, Simple and Comfortable Everywhere, Everytime.. <3







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